Game #ANTM
Creator Will
Network Reality TV Games
Date started September 16, 2013
Date started October 28, 2013
Number of contestants 10

The Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Anais Mali - CookieMonsta
  • Antonio Navas - StiSti
  • Candice Swanepoel - CupidStunt
  • Hao Yunxiang - eagle2ch
  • Kati Nescher - stefan
  • Nicolas Ripoll - FlyingMochi
  • Sean O'Pry - Poseidon
  • Valerija Kelava - chantallelovery
  • Vanessa Axente - NolyRoly1
  • Victor Nylander - Simon

Call Out Order[edit | edit source]

Kati Candice Candice Sean Antonio Hao Candice Hao Hao Candice
Sean Antonio Valerija Anais Candice Sean Sean Antonio Candice Hao
Antonio Valerija Kati Candice Sean Anais Hao Candice Antonio
Victor Anais Antonio Kati Anais Candice Antonio Sean
Valerija Vanessa Sean Valerija Valerija Antonio Anais
Vanessa Sean Anais Antonio Kati Valerija
Candice Kati Vanessa Vanessa
Anais Nico Nico
Nico Victor
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