ANTM Delux Charm School is a Photo Shoot/Voting Game created by Raja in November 2011. The game consists of one model freom each season of America's Next Top Model, submitting Photos based on criteria determined by host Natasha Poly. Most of the contestants during this season went by nicknames. There were 6 judges with open public voting each round.

Game ANTM Delux Charm School 1
Creator Raja
Network Reality TV Games
Date started November 8, 2011
Date completed TBD
Number of Contestants 16
Folloed By Charm School MODE

Photo Challenges[edit | edit source]

  • Week 1:Beauty Shot
  • Week 2:Colors
  • Week 3:Nudity
  • Week 4:Zodiac Signs
  • Week 5:Male Models
  • Week 6:Pop Music
  • Week 7:Elements
  • Week 8:Harper's Bazaar Cover
  • Week 9: 7 Deadly Sins/Overseas
  • Week 10: H&M/Accessories
  • Week 11: Sex Appeal/Red Carpet
  • Week 12: Portfolio

Judges[edit | edit source]

  • Natasha Poly - Raja
  • Adam Lambert - Lou
  • Ellen Degeneres - jorgemariosaldana
  • Kim Richards - randomone22
  • Marc Jacobs - LedZepForever
  • Tim Gunn - eagle2ch

Contestants[edit | edit source]

  • Jade "Gemma" Cole - OoSleePLesSsoO
  • Natasha "Naty" Galinka - lettusirpa
  • Alexandria "Lexie" Everett - Vigros
  • Lisa "Lee Lee" D'amato - blindsparrow
  • Melissa Rose "Melrose" Bickerstaff - imamouseduhh
  • Bianca "Vianna" Golden - feeyace
  • Yaya "Yana" DaCosta - HippieHannah
  • Erin "Erich" Wagner - larter3004
  • Dominique "Domo" Reighard - Lewinsky
  • Angelea "Angel" Preston - FrostBite
  • Lauren Brie "LB" Harding - Vpronczak
  • Elyse "Ely" Sewell - chantallelovery
  • Aminat "Amy" Ayinde - uno
  • Naima Mora - ANTM4life
  • Jane Randall - wccats
  • Camille McDonald - antmlover4444

Call Out Order[edit | edit source]

Natasha’s Callout Order
Order Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Naty LB Erich Gemma Naty Rose Gemma Lexie Vianna Gemma Gemma Gemma
2 LB Lee Lee Vianna Yana Rose Lexie Lee Lee Rose Gemma Lee Lee Naty Naty
3 Yana Rose LB Vianna Domo Yana Yana Vianna Lexie Naty Rose
4 Ely Vianna Rose Lexie Lee Lee Lee Lee Rose Naty Lee Lee Rose Lee Lee
5 Erich Gemma Lee Lee LB Gemma Gemma Erich Yana Rose Lexie Lexie
6 Angel Ely Domo Rose Angel Erich Lexie Lee Lee Naty Vianna
7 Rose Domo Yana Naty Lexie Vianna Naty Gemma Yana
8 Domo Naty Lexie Lee Lee Yana Naty Vianna Erich
9 Lexie Lexie Angel Angel Vianna Domo Angel
10 Gemma Amy Naty Erich Erich Angel Domo
11 Amy Angel Gemma Domo LB
12 Lee Lee Erich Ely Ely
13 Vianna Yana Amy
14 Naima Jane
15 Jane Naima
16 Camille
Template:Color box The contestant was MAC girl of the week
Template:Color box The contestant won a challenge or was on the winning team and got immunity
Template:Color box The contestant was MAC girl of the week and named most improved
Template:Color box The contestant was eliminated
Template:Color box The contestant was named most improved for the week
Template:Color box The contestant won the competition
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